The Rebecca Zahau Case. Intrigue Uncovered takes a closer look.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. I was sitting in my office enjoying a fresh cup of peppermint tea when my friend and partner entered my office. He had a frustrated look on his face and I could tell he was deeply involved with something he couldn’t quite grasp. I asked him what was wrong. He walked over to the pot of coffee sitting on the table and poured himself a cup. Waiting for him to come up with an answer as he so dramatically does, I continued to enjoy my tea until he began to speak.

"I ran across a very interesting case. One that has me very upset because of the in confidence of the investigators involved in the case. A young woman was found hanging from a balcony naked. It was the home of her billionaire boyfriend. The sheriff department is saying it was a suicide."

I listened to my friend explain the case. According to news reports:
On July 11, 2011, Zahau, Max, and Zahau's teenaged sister Xena were at the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado, California, which Shacknai used as a summer estate. At some point during that day, Max fell face-first over a second-floor banister, suffering injuries to his spinal cord and facial bones, the former of which affected his heart rate and breathing. Zahau said she was in the bathroom at the time; she found Max moments later, and Xena called 9-1-1.[8] Max, not breathing and unresponsive, was taken to Rady Children's Hospital He died on July 16 due to brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation resulting from his injuries.


On July 26, investigators ruled the boy’s death as an accident, speculating that he somehow tripped] However, a trauma doctor who examined Max prior to his death and autopsy stated to police that he did not believe the injuries from his fall were consistent with the cardiac arrest and brain swelling experienced by him, suggesting that Max may have suffocated prior to his fall.


Zahau’s death
On July 12, 2011, Zahau dropped off Xena at the airport for her flight back to Missouri, and then picked up Shacknai's brother, Adam, who had just arrived on a flight from Memphis, Tennessee.] Zahau, Shacknai, and Adam ate dinner with a friend named Howard that evening; Zahau and Adam returned to the Spreckels Mansion,] while Jonah supposedly kept a vigil at Max's bedside with his mother Dina Romano; he would leave the hospital to recuperate at a nearby Ronald McDonald House.] There were reports of loud music coming from the Spreckels Mansion later that night


On the morning of July 13, at roughly 6:45 AM, Adam stated that he found Zahau's nude body hanging from a balcony, with her wrists and ankles bound and her hands behind her back.] Zahau was gagged with a blue long-sleeve T-shirt wrapped around her head, with the sleeves double knotted and stuffed into her mouth. There was also what appeared to be tape residue on her legs.


Adam called 9-1-1 at 6:48 AM, then sent a text message to his brother to inform him of the news] He cut down Zahau's body before the police arrived] Medics attempted to revive her, but pronounced her dead at the scene. Police initiated forensic and toxicology testing on her body as part of an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Speculations of foul play began early on in the case; however, investigators were unable to find any other DNA at the scene besides Zahau's.] On September 2, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department formally announced their finding that Zahau committed suicide.

The sheriff department finding that Zahau committed suicide didn’t make any sense at all, especially when there was so much physical and circumstantial evidence proven otherwise. The notion that she bound and gagged herself is so ludicrous it defies explanation. Yes, weird things had happened but this is not one of them. The person who did this went through great links to make this look like a suicide that they didn’t realize how bad they had screwed up the staging with overkill.


As I began to examine this matter further there are several suspicious elements that stand out to me beginning with the 911 phone call. The caller said: “A girl hung herself.” Now, according to the caller he has just walked up on this incident and he automatically concluded a girl hung herself. Which, I believe set the stages for a domino effect where suicide became the leading suspect in the case. What is even more disturbing is when the 911 operator asked him is she alive. He responded by asking the victim “Are you alive?” then saying No. He then claimed he was cutting the rope to cut her down to do CPR. Yet none of his DNA was found on her body. Which means one of two things to me: She was already on the ground and he did nothing because he knew she was dead which he said so to the operator. Two, if he touched her body he was wearing globes.


He also said he was cutting the rope to get the body down which coincidentally didn’t have any of his DNA on it. Many criminal has called police to stage a murder and many gave very good acting jobs deserving of an academy awards, but in the end they were found out.. Based on the action of the 911 operator and what the caller said he was doing to help her, only gave ground to much suspicions.
I must now question the way Rebecca Zahau body was found. It was discovered nude with rope tied around her legs, rope tied around her hands. A noose around her neck. A long sleeve shirt tied around her head and sleeve tied in two knocks stuff into her mouth. And I also must mention she was on her menstrual cycle. With all this evidence of what for sure would have been declared a murder, instead it was called a suicide. In a conspiracy murder a suicide murder is the best possibility of diverting blame from someone else to putting the blame on the victim. Unfortunately, it is a very effective tool.


Let us go back to the body. The position of the body in the manner it is found is something that’s never been heard of before done by a woman. Ropes tied on her legs, tied on her hands bind behind her back, a noose around her neck, with a shirt tied in double knock stuff in her mouth, tied around her head. And of course over a nude body. They claim all the evidence points to suicide because the only DNA is Rebecca. It is understanding the conclusion could be drawn with absence of DNA pointing to someone other than Rebecca. In a layman eyes they would rely on book knowledge and ignore a hoax in front of your eyes. Ignore the fact that this is very unclear and very suspicious, even point to tampering and destruction of evidence. But the evidence of murder is right in front of their eyes.


IIn order for her to do this, she would had to walk in the late night to the garage. All this naked and on her menstrual cycle. Come back with a long rope. Cut the rope in three pieces, each rope has to be measure, the rope for her legs has to be a certain length, and the rope for her hand had to be a certain length. Then the noose around her neck and attached to her bed had to be a certain length. And then she had to tie a shirt around her head and tie the long sleeve shirt in two knots and stuff the knots into her mouth. Also according to her action she leaves a very strange message in black paint. Then hop to the window and fall over the balcony. The excessive among of work for a person who is supposed to be distraught is unusual when all she needs to kill herself by hanging is right there in front of her. The bed sheets, which have been use In many hangings. Yet, if this was all done the way they claim it was done, wouldn’t there be a blood trail of menstrual blood to and from her walk to the garage?


I have a theory of her death according to evidence connected and the statement of a witness who heard a woman screaming somewhere between the hours of 11:30pm and 12:00 am. My theory is: “A little after eleven o’clock Rebecca went to take a shower. While in the shower an intruder entered the premise and found her showering in the bathroom. The intruder then took a towel that he grabbed Rebecca with making it difficult to fight back and began his attack. Rebecca struggling to get away screaming for help. In order to stop the screaming the intruder place a knife to her neck and threatened to kill her. Rebecca grabbing the blade of the knife with her hands trying to push the knife from her throat. The intruder grabs a shirt and wraps it around her head, gagging her with the knotted sleeve into her mouth. He then ties her up with tape and continues his assault on her.

The witnessed heard a woman screaming at eleven thirty and a few minutes later it stopped. I believe at this time Rebecca was dead. He then carried the body to her room and dropped the body on the floor. What I am about to say now is of the utmost important because it implies that the intruder had a complete understanding of the house and where everything he needed could be found. The intruder then knowing that Rebecca was dead walked to the garage to get a rope, finding the rope, put it in a white garbage bag and returned to Rebecca’s room. He already understood how to measure each rope and probably had a lot of experience with it by working with that type of rope on a daily basis. Particularly the type of knot the rope is tied in. Even the way the shirt was tied in a double knot suggests a skilled boatsman Or a person who is use to tying knots in that fashion. The intruder then began a cover-up by staging the scene. First he tied a rope around her legs, then he tied a rope around her hands. It is believed she was sexually assaulted, but I don’t follow that belief in the manner people may think of as a sexual assault. She was invaded sexually but for the purpose of planting a trail. The intruder needed to show a trail where the victim travelled, especially when he was writing that ominous note on her wall. “SHE SAVED HIM, BUT COULD HE SAVE HER...” He also needed to make a trail from her room to the balcony. He used the smaller knife found at the scene to create a trail of menstrual bleeding by taking blood and using dropping to create that trail.


Even if the body was deceased a hanging would have done horrible damage, but there is no evidence she died from a hanging. The evidence supports strangulation by hand. And there is a big difference between a hanging and a strangulation.


According to Rebecca’s fiance, Rebecca received dire news of the condition of the six year old that he was near death. This is supposed to have sent Rebecca in the suicide mood. I believe Rebecca was dead long before such a call was ever made, and is certain she never heard the message. If she even were alive to receive such message she surely would have returned the phone call. The fact that she didn’t is proof she never heard it. Simply, because it is a natural reaction all human beings do upon receiving any dire message regarding the injuries or death of someone close to them.


Let's consider the hanging theory. Rebecca is a small woman, a hanging would have nearly decapitated her for sure even if she was already dead when she went over the balcony. Also the damage would have been post mortem, creating even more suspicion. Rebecca is said to have four bruises on the top of her head. I believe when he threw Rebecca off the balcony she went straight down landing head first. There was no rope. The reason the post mortem would have presented evidence she was dead when she went over the balcony debunking suicide. Also the impact from the fall would have splash menstrual on the rope wrapped around her legs and on the ground beneath her hanging.


The 911 call was for the purpose of staging, putting on a show you can call it, running in the kitchen getting a knife, and getting on the table cutting the body down. All this done with none of his DNA on the rope. Performing CPR on Rebecca with none of his DNA on her body. How is that possible? If he did in fact cut a rope it was done while wearing gloves. Then, the question becomes why was he wearing gloves?


Let’s examine the note she supposedly left behind on the door. “She Saved Him, Could He Save Her.” Writing in thick black letters. Using a paint brush. In a civil lawsuit a hand expert determined it wasn’t Rebecca's handwriting. If that proves it wasn’t her handwriting then how did paint get on her hand? That is a very easy question to answer. The person who wrote the message also put the paint on her hand, and in order for him to do that I am convinced she was already dead. Why I believe this is that an artist is normally very neat with their craft, except those who works with their hands. Rebecca worked with paint brushes. Her artwork is very neat. But this was not the question of being neat. This is because he was in a hurry.


I could go over a lot of valuable evidence that the sheriff department missed or simply ignored. In my examination of Rebecca Zahau case I am convinced beyond all doubt she was murdered, and most sadly was denied due process from a sheriff department that engaged in a cover up. What did this young woman do to deserve such a cruel act from the sheriff department? I refuse to believe that the professionals on this case, from forensics to the investigators. Were this incompetent. No, this is not a case of incompetence; it is what happens when you cover up a case. Why was Rebecca's body laid out for hours in the hot sun? They could have covered her to preserve evidence that may have been crucial in determining the timing of her death.


What I want to know is why would the sheriff compromise the integrity of his entire department? And if the integrity of Rebecca's case was deliberately compromised, how could you trust the integrity in any case handled by the department? Many people would say it is because the fiancé is a billionaire and very powerful. Maybe, I cannot say.

But what I will state is this. To put the entire department and the integrity of every case henceforth on the line of suspicion, is in itself a cruel and malicious act committed by the very sheriff elected to safeguard that office.



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