About Us

IINTRIGUE Magazine began in 1998, it is a fashion and glamour magazine, but it is also a magazine of Intriguing people. We discovered in 1998 that a lot of amazing people in this world doing extraordinary things.

We decided we wanted to introduce the world to those people as well as bring you worldwide fashion and beauty from all over the world. from entertainment to regular people who just have an extraordinary adventure to share with us.

IIntrigue Magazine is published by Storymasters Inc. Storymasters is a Delaware Corporation and having a place of business in New York City, and Louisiana.


Storymasters is a digital, print, and media company, Founded by Delroy Hardy in 1998. He is still CEO today and continues the tradition of providing digital and marketing services worldwide.


Delroy Hardy, President & CEO, Storymasters Inc. Boyce Louisiana,