Tom Ford is kicking ass with his hot new collection. Sexy, hot, and very stylish. I loving everything about this collection. It's sporty a must look. A woman's cream and it is not a dream. Tom Ford went there with unforgetable look. Calling all ladies: Sports has a new class design spell Class! Class! Class! Oh Lord, somebody rescue I am unleashing the Cardi B in me


Rich Ass Motherfuckers want to get with me, Because I got class,  I got class, I got class. I am Sporting shit your ass can’t afford, Cause I am hot! I am Hot! I am Hot! Sporting in my Tom Ford. Because I got Class! I got Class! I got Class! You don’t know about that.

Rich Ass Motherfuckers want to get with me, because I have style! I have style! You don’t know about that. Shaking your ass wearing your Walmart panties. I got class. I got class! You can’t afford what I’m wearing. I ‘m Hot! I’m Hot! You can’t afford this shit.

Ok, I just caught myself. It's bad! Tom Ford kills it.

It's bad. Tom Ford kills it. I feel a rush can't wait to brag about it.



from the purse to the shoes. It's Hot.













And there you have it. Tom Ford collection is hot and the only way to bring it, to tell it. Rich ass Motherf*!kers want to get with me. It's Hot! It's Hot!



Lexus G.