LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A new breed of DJs has emerged using one of the most powerful tools in the world, the internet. Shawn Floyd, also known as "Floydboy", launched United Entertainment, a marketing hive that would tally over 30 billion streams worldwide, making him one of the most infamous names in the music industry. Hired by the largest music labels worldwide, Floyd has personally broken over 1000 releases, playing a major role in breaking some of the worlds largest artist known today. From YG, Halsey, Billie Eilish, 50 Cent, Tech Nine, Ella Mai, and more. Yet the project Floyd takes closest to heart is working and building with Multiplatinum Rapper Saweetie. By using the internet Floyd is able to turn the web into a giant radio station. Reaching millions of listeners in an instant, this now gives artists the best chance of being heard and discovered. Targeting millions of devices across the globe within seconds. "Now we're no longer relying on the audience of a specific station or playlist. Now we can go after specific types of listeners, based on what they listen to, where they live and what they like."

United Entertainment LLC
United Entertainment LLC

"Remember the good old days when a record would be taken to radio stations or passed off to DJs, where they'd spin it on the air in hopes that station would reach the audience needed to spread the buzz that artists desperately needed. Without radio, your music wasn't heard and your chances of being discovered were slim to none! I knew If I could place the right song or artist with the right viewer I could create an organic connection. The goal was always to build that digital bridge between artist and fan." 

Saweetie would be the shot that Floyd needed. Taking YouTube by storm, Saweetie was introduced on a global level when the viral video "Icy Grl" dropped. "Within months we were over 50 Million viewers nearing close to half a million subscribers. We didn't wait for the world to catch up to Saweetie, we brought her right to their door step and they loved her!" said Floyd.

Floyd stayed silent for years, now stepping out in hopes of sparking artists to tap in and utilize the power the internet provides, the power to track your audience and place your music around the world. To the all right listeners, at all the right places, at all the right times. Many of the hurdles that held artist back, really don't exist today. "Internet is the new radio and we're the new breed of DJs. Now it's us that make the records spin, it's us breaking the artist now. Things have changed and we digital marketers have to start seeing our role and responsibility to use the internet as best we can to help break records and place this new wave of music in front of the world. The way radio used to do, the way we see YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram do everyday."