Portraits On Canvas by The Sartorialist for Canvas by Land's End:

DODGEVILLE, Wis., June 28, 2016 /NYINTRIGUE/ -- Lands' End has partnered with Scott Schuman, founder of The Sartorialist, to create "Portraits on Canvas", the first release in a series of photographs and videos that capture the new Canvas by Lands' End™ Collection. The "Portraits on Canvas" campaign will continue with each season's collection launch and will be shot in different cities around the world.

In this first introduction, shot in the streets of New York City, Schuman used a diverse group of people, chosen through a public casting call, who mixed their own personal style with pieces from the Canvas by Lands' End collection.  The resulting images are an expression of both Schuman's originality and the models' individuality. The street style imagery shows how the collection can be incorporated for various occasions in any part of the world. The Canvas by Lands' End collection is truly a global collection.  The campaign will be featured on the Lands' End website and social media channels as well as on The Sartorialists platforms with a continuing dialogue on #CanvasPortraits.

Renowned worldwide for his work on iconic collaborations with global brands, Scott Schuman said, "I had the chance to shoot a great and diverse cast of people for our first edition of 'Portraits on Canvas', here in New York. We found a lot of wonderful young women through the casting call-out and mixed their personal style with pieces from Canvas by Lands' End. I came away from this project feeling that we captured a sense of the incredible diversity of styles in New York. For me, it was great to see a collection coming from a strong heritage brand looking so fresh and new. Through the styling of the collection to the details, they are carving a new path for such a well-known, classic American brand."

Canvas by Lands' End was launched in April 2016.  The inspirational new fashion collection for men and women, influenced by the freedom of artistic expression, features a white label symbolizing the ability to personally create one's own canvas.  Designed in America and developed in Italy, the collection combines fine craftsmanship, exceptional quality and contemporary style with an elevated level of sophistication. 

"Working with The Sartorialist to create the introductory collection of "Portraits on Canvas" has been incredibly exciting," said Alessandro Carnicella, Senior Director, Lands' End.  "To witness how this unique point of view can add a certain street-style frisson to the sophisticated elegance of Canvas by Lands' End is a revelation. This is the start of an inspiring partnership with one of the most respected and influential figures in fashion, as we expand the international awareness of Canvas by Lands' End."

To view the "Portraits on Canvas" project, please visit: http://www.landsend.com/canvas-by-lands-end/thesartorialist/