Europe's premier luxury resale site VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE is proud to announce the launch of its new vintage category to go live in conjunction with an editorial styled and conceptualized by VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE's Contributing Fashion Director Kate Foley and Head of Vintage Marie Blanchet, starring CHLOË SEVIGNY. Last night, Chloë Sevigny and Kate Foley hosted cocktails in SoHo in celebration of the launch of Vintage on Vestiaire Collective.

Kate Foley explains, "Chloë Sevigny is Vestiaire Collective's vintage muse because she has always been such a huge champion of vintage and has a wonderful, unexpected way of wearing vintage that can only come from deep understanding and love of fashion from past decades. She is the ultimate vintage icon."

Starting May 10th, fashion-savvy VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE customers and vintage lovers everywhere will be one step closer to achieving the style icon's look with exclusive access to "SHOP CHLOË'S PICKS," a curated selection of her personal vintage favorites chosen from VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE'S impressive vintage archive, launching on its mega menu debuting on

"Vintage now, because it has always been vintage for me," says Sevigny of her partnership with VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE. "When I grew up, most of my clothes were second-hand. My mother would always bring me thrifting. It was all I knew, what I was comfortable with. At a very early age, I became addicted to the thrill of the hunt; scouring through the thrift stores trying to find the perfect Laura Ashley dress or Ralph Lauren blouse."

Ranging from $75 - $4,500 on, Sevigny's specially curated vintage selection of hard-to-find items includes a white shirt dress and electric blue legging shoes by Maison Martin Margiela, coat by Prada, blouse and skirt by Yves Saint Laurent, bag by Hermès, shoes by Church's, accessories by Supreme, one-of-a-kind unsigned vintage pieces and more.

Kate Foley, Contributing Fashion Director of Vestiaire Collective said: 
"Vintage is what sets Vestiaire Collective apart from other purveyors of luxury fashion. It's an incredible opportunity to shop from personal vintage collections and vintage dealers' archives all over the world. This is why the Vestiaire Collective community is special - you can find that coveted current season item and the museum-quality vintage piece that inspired it, side by side on the site."

Sébastien Fabre, founder and CEO of Vestiaire Collective said:
"Through the launch of vintage, our new and existing customers will be given access to the world's most-coveted vintage items. With this new category, we prove to continue our remarkable growth, which makes us highly confident in our ability to deliver on our ambition to become the leading global company in luxury and premium pre-owned fashion.

We are truly honored to have the opportunity to partner with Chloë Sevigny who genuinely shares our joy in rare and timeless investments."

Marie Blanchet, Head of Vintage of Vestiaire Collective said:
"Vintage is beyond fashion, the essence of second hand, iconic timeless rare luxury and designer pieces that are more than ever inspiring today's fashion. Launching Vintage as a category means that Vestiaire Collective is affirming that one of a kind pieces produced before 2000 are the gems of second-hand luxury.

Chloë Sevigny is the ultimate icon from the 90s still as relevant today like our vintage catalogue. She was a no brainer, my first choice beyond anyone else."